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Happy New Year!

To all of our patients, a heartfelt thank you for helping us have a great 2016!!

We look forward to seeing you all back and having lots of fun in 2017!!


A few quick notes:

We welcomed two new staff members in the latter part of 2016 Sarina and Ashley.

Ashley works at our front desk and helps with scheduling appointments, dispensing glasses, and does our pre-testing.

Sarina is our new practice manager and helps runs the office, does frame styling, and works to help the office run efficiently

Next time you stop in say Hi!!!!

Meet the Maestro

Our latest and greatest purchase is an advanced diagnostic machine that can also be used in wellness exams.

With a few simple touches we can find out about your risks for Glaucoma, ARMD, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, and create a photo record of your retina for our files.

Non-invasive and does not require dilation!

Ask for a demonstration or ask any staff member for more information

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  • Receive 20% discount off your second pair of glasses.
  • 20% discount on plano sunglasses when you purchase a year supply of contacts.

Big Summer Blowout!

Hey Contact lens wearers……..

When you buy a year supply of contacts using your insurance we will throw in 20% off a complete pair of glasses and 10% all sunglasses!!

Now you can get the best of both worlds!!!

Enjoy your summer~

New staff and other announcements

  1. We recently were awarded Best Eyeglass Store in Alameda for 2016 for the second year in a row, so for everyone who voted for us a big, heartfelt THANK YOU!!! We will add a link once the magazine issue is posed online
  2. We have a few new staff members we would like to introduce you to:
    1. Javonda: Javonda is a board certified optician with experience in both optometry and ophthalmology practices. She is great at styling frames on people, and has a knack for explaining even the most complicated eye care terms in a simple way. She will make sure you leave the office looking and feeling great!
    2. Ashley: Ashley is a recent transplant from Indiana to Alameda who has experience working in medical offices. She has an inherent understanding of how medical offices run and how insurances work, and is excited to bring her healthcare know-how into the optometry world.

Buyer Beware

A few people have been asking me about online refractions and here are my thoughts

1) An online refraction will never replace an actual refraction from an eye care professional. An online refraction essentially is a finely tuned auto-refraction. It gives you a prescription, but it is a prescription based on one measurement. An optometrist during an exam gathers information such as visual needs and demands, your age, your history of eyeglass wear and your chief complaint, and then performs a refraction and then compares that with your old prescription, your visual acuities, and the auto-refractor results along with the rest of your history to determine the final prescription.

2) Online refractions unfortunately do not screen for ocular disease. One online refraction site called opternative even has a disclaimer saying if you have any eye diseases or medical conditions you should not use their program. The problem is, how would you know? Many diseases that affect the eyes such as glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis among others are silent and therefore would be missed by an online refraction when they otherwise could have been evaluated and treated appropriately by an eye care professional.

Here a few things to keep in mind when purchasing eyewear online

1) A recent study done by ordering 154 pairs of lenses from online vendors showed that….

a) 29% of childrens glasses and 23% overall failed impact resistant testing.

b) 45% of prescriptions ordered had the wrong prescription or were given the wrong lenses (single vision instead of multifocal).

c) 29% of the lenses were missing anti-reflective coatings and anti-scratch coatings that the patient had paid for.

Buyer Beware indeed.

Art and Wine Fair

A quick update on what is going on here at Alameda Eyes.

1) To those who showed up for the art and wine fair at beer booth 4 and saw us pouring beer and said Hi, Thanks!! Next year, I will try to have the Alameda Eyes staff pour beer at a different location and time so I can see more of you guys and gals.

2) We are continuing to work on going live with our new patient management software called eyefinity practice management. This new software, which is cloud based, will allow us to help you more efficiently and also will save time for both our staff and the patient! Look for this to go live in the next few months

3) Along those same lines, we are in the process of going electronic. That means no more paper records!! Once this is completed, all of your information will be stored securely on the net and this will also help efficiency while complying with new obamacare laws and the new coding system called ICD 10 which is coming out October, 2015.

4) I purchased a very nifty machine called a stratus OCT. It is a unique machine in that it can take an ultrasound of the nine layers of the retina in seconds. This will allow me to screen for glaucoma in patients who are highly suspect, and also check for other retinal pathologies. It is another tool I can use to help make sure you get the best care possible!

One Year Anniversary

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for making my first year at Alameda Eyes fun, memorable, and busy!

Thanks so much for your continued support!!

Stay tuned for some changes in the upcoming year with new software, electronic health records, and a very cool machine that helps diagnose glaucoma and other ocular diseases


Pink, Stinging Eyes?

Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is one of the most frequently seen eye diseases, especially in kids. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria or even allergies to pollen, chlorine in swimming pools, and ingredients in cosmetics, or other irritants, which touch the eyes. Some forms of conjunctivitis might be quite transmittable and quickly spread in school and at the office.

Conjunctivitis is seen when the conjunctiva, or thin transparent layer of tissue covering the white part of the eye, becomes inflamed. You can identify conjunctivitis if you notice eye redness, discharge, itching or swollen eyelids and a crusty discharge surrounding the eyes early in the day. Pink eye infections can be divided into three main types: viral, allergic and bacterial conjunctivitis.

The viral type is usually a result of a similar virus to that which produces the recognizable red, watery eyes, sore throat and runny nose of the common cold. The red, itchy, watery eyes caused by viral pink eye are likely to last from a week to two and then will clear up on their own. You may however, be able to reduce some of the discomfort by using soothing drops or compresses. Viral pink eye is transmittable until it is completely cleared up, so in the meantime maintain excellent hygiene, remove eye discharge and try to avoid using communal pillowcases or towels. If your son or daughter has viral conjunctivitis, he or she will have to be kept home from school for three days to a week until symptoms disappear.

A bacterial infection such as Staphylococcus or Streptococcus is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or cream. One should notice an improvement within just a few days of antibiotic drops, but be sure to adhere to the full prescription dosage to prevent pink eye from recurring.

Allergic pink eye is not contagious. It is usually a result of a known allergy such as hay fever or pet allergies that sets off an allergic reaction in their eyes. First of all, to treat allergic pink eye, you should eliminate the irritant. Use cool compresses and artificial tears to relieve discomfort in mild cases. When the infection is more severe, your eye doctor might prescribe a medication such as an anti-inflammatory or antihistamine. In cases of chronic allergic pink eye, topical steroid eye drops could be used.

Pink eye should always be diagnosed by a qualified eye doctor in order to identify the type and best course of treatment. Never treat yourself! Keep in mind the sooner you begin treatment, the lower chance you have of giving pink eye to loved ones or prolonging your discomfort.



We are excited to be open again with limited hours. Our new hours are Tuesdays-Fridays from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am until 2 pm. Appointments are 60 minutes long and start on the hour weekdays and on the half-hour on Saturday. Safety is our paramount concern in these uncertain times. Therefore, we ask that you wear a mask, fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire, and allow us to check your temperature before your appointment. If a mask is unavailable or if you forget, a mask will be provided at no charge. Doctor and staff temperatures are taken daily before work thus ensuring your safety. Surfaces are wiped down between patients and at the beginning and end of each day. We have a sanitation protocol that also keeps the frames clean and ready to try on. If you need to reach us the fastest way is to text at 510-769-2020. See you soon and be safe!