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Art and Wine Fair

A quick update on what is going on here at Alameda Eyes.

1) To those who showed up for the art and wine fair at beer booth 4 and saw us pouring beer and said Hi, Thanks!! Next year, I will try to have the Alameda Eyes staff pour beer at a different location and time so I can see more of you guys and gals.

2) We are continuing to work on going live with our new patient management software called eyefinity practice management. This new software, which is cloud based, will allow us to help you more efficiently and also will save time for both our staff and the patient! Look for this to go live in the next few months

3) Along those same lines, we are in the process of going electronic. That means no more paper records!! Once this is completed, all of your information will be stored securely on the net and this will also help efficiency while complying with new obamacare laws and the new coding system called ICD 10 which is coming out October, 2015.

4) I purchased a very nifty machine called a stratus OCT. It is a unique machine in that it can take an ultrasound of the nine layers of the retina in seconds. This will allow me to screen for glaucoma in patients who are highly suspect, and also check for other retinal pathologies. It is another tool I can use to help make sure you get the best care possible!